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Integrating your ERP & CRM

CRM Online are experts in integration. Whether you need to integrate your ERP with your CRM, create a bespoke integrate between your website and marketing automation platform, or create a complete enterprise service bus to integrate your core platforms, CRM Online can help.

Why do we need Integration?

In today's cloud-enabled business world, most organisations are running multiple systems across their business. Even a small business will typically be running at least:

Without integration, this means that there is a lot of double entry, and a lot of wasted resources, one thing that is often at a premium in small business. By integrating the website with the CRM, and the CRM with the accounting system and email marketing platform, the customer enters their details once when they make the enquiry, and it's validated in the CRM, and automatically synchronises to the other systems. This means a more efficient system that saves staff time.

Products We Integrate With

What can we integrate?

The answer to this common question is "just about anything". As long as a system has what we refer to as an application programming interface (API) or direct access to the technology itself (database, file system, FTP server, for example), CRM Online can integrate with it. There are many systems that CRM Online provides integrations with out of the box using products that we've built natively. These include:

For more complex integrations, such as one off bespoke integrations, CRM Online leverages an integration platform called Dell Boomi to provide the integration layer. There are many reasons for this, including that Boomi provides many out of the box connectors as part of the platform, along with a sophisticated interface that allows us to create complex, robust integrations efficiently. CRM Online typically uses Dell Boomi for integrations such as:

Dell Boomi Integration Platform

Why choose Dell Boomi?

As CRM Online matured as an organisation, and as we were involved in larger projects with more complex integration requirements, it became clear that we needed an enterprise integration platform that would allow us to deliver complex integration solutions quickly. 

In order to address this, CRM Online understood an extensive evaluation of the leading integration platforms on the market, and found that Dell Boomi offered a number of advantages over other platforms:

These key advantages make Boomi a strong choice for organisations that have complex integration requirements within their organisations.

Dell Boomi Enterprise Integration

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