Freshworks is a modern, easy to implement and use customer engagement platform that provides refreshing business software that is loved by teams and helps them delight their customers, every step of the way. By implementing a CRM solution, your businesses can improve and manage customer relations and optimise sales efficiency.

Why CRM Online Chose to Partner with Freshworks

CRM Online chose to partner with Freshworks for a number of reasons, one of the strongest of which is the strength of the integration between the Freshworks app ecosystem - everything just fitted together so well, meaning a true 360 degree view of customers.

Customers today are also after business software that just works, is easy to set-up, and affordable. Freshworks provides a number of cost-effective plans, allowing businesses of all sizes to take advantage of the value modern cloud software provides - seamless updates, and a great user experience.

The Value of CRM

With the right CRM solution, your team businesses will be able to build strong and meaningful relationships with customers. Not only that, CRM solutions can help businesses establish and maintain long-term relationships with prospects and customers alike. By investing in customer relationships, businesses of all sizes can potentially increase profitability, improve customer retention, and automate communication and tasks.

Build meaningful connections with customers

By leveraging a CRM, businesses can capture the complete customer lifecycle—right from prospect to lead to customer. Such analysis and details can help businesses identify their target audience, lead scores, reviewing previous conversations with a customer, assess the sales pipeline, log calls, send emails, and also track leads. Sales managers can use the CRM software to pull customized reports that give them insights into the performance of their sales team.


Minimise Data Entry

CRM feature capabilities help minimize and automate mundane tasks like creating leads from sign up forms, triggering welcome emails and drip campaigns for new leads. Unlike spreadsheets and email, a CRM solution can help businesses collaborate tasks in real time.

Enhance communication

The CRM acts as a single source of truth for sales managers and sales teams alike. This eliminates information gaps and improves visibility across the organization. It also helps enhance customer relationships since the customer hears a consistent voice from your business.

Build healthier pipelines

A CRM enables businesses to visualize pipeline, thereby making it easier for sales teams to prioritize deals and go after them. This results in increased focus and also ensures pipelines remain clog-free and sales teams remain committed to the bottom line.

Achieve higher revenue

Due to a top-line view of customers at all times, sales teams can tap into cross-selling and up-sell opportunities at the right time, thereby improving their chances of success. Not only that, since you build a better connect with the customer, it also helps limit the chances of customer churn.

More collaboration = a stronger business

CRM information and details can also be leveraged by marketing and support teams to provide a more contextual approach. Marketing teams can plan targeted and personalized campaigns, and support can respond to tickets using the sales context.

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