Document Automation & Electronic Signing

What is Flexidocs?

Flexidocs allows users to generate contracts, quotes and letters with a single click in their CRM system, leveraging the power of the CRM metadata framework to automatically pull in fields and related records into a document, which can then be emailed or shared with the customer, or sent directly for electronic signing, which can be done on computer, smartphone or tablet. All key signing events are captured back into the CRM in real time and can be used to quickly identify where a signing process is up to, and the final, signed contract is automatically stored back into the CRM.

By automating this process, Flexidocs reduces the number of processes associated with generating documents for customers, partners, or even internal stakeholders. This process reduces administration time, and provides a much improved customer experience when singing contracts and collaborating on documents and quotes.

Flexidocs Document Template Console

Automate your Quotes, Proposals, Contracts and Letters

Flexidocs allows you to design your documents using the tools that you're familiar with - Microsoft Word, Excel and Powerpoint. Incorporate any design in your document that you would use in your usual documents without restriction.

Flexidocs allows you to print, email or send your proposals & contracts for electronic signing via Docusign, Hellosign or Adobe eSign, all with a single click.

Check out the Flexidocs workflow in the diagram below.

Document Automation Workflow & Docusign Integration

Seamlessly Integrated into your Favourite CRM

Flexidocs integrates seamlessly into both the SugarCRM and Salesforce CRM platforms, with full support for all modules, including custom modules. Create and sign documents from anywhere within your CRM.

The Flexidocs platform leverages the field and relationship metadata within your CRM to allow you to bring in ANY information that you require into your documents.

Document Templates Integrated with Salesforce & SugarCRM

Powerful Document & Electronic Signing Workflow

Full support for both in person and remote signing, with signing events captured in real time back into your CRM. Flexidocs understands the number of signers required and validates this prior to triggering the eSigning process.

The in person signing provides support for ANY tablet or touch screen device, including:

Remote signing allows your customers to sign from their computer, with the system capturing unique metadata to ensure that the signed contract is legally binding.

Finally, the signed document is captured in near real time back into your CRM, thereby removing human error and improving compliance.

Electronic Signing Integrated with Salesforce & SugarCRM

Sophisticated Templating Engine

Flexidocs supports sophisticated templating capabilities, including conditional sections, repeating sections, calculations and field formatting macros. With support for:

You'll never be short of a solution to even your most complex document generation requirements.

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