Real time invoicing directly from your CRM

Generate invoices directly out of your CRM while instantly synchronising client details and invoice details into your accounting package for reconciliation.

Xero & SugarCRM Real Time Integration

Remove Double Entry within your Organisation

Increase the efficiency of your sales and administration team. No longer will you be entering the same client details in multiple locations, not to mention the hassle of working out which record is the up to date version. The Cloud Accounting Connector offers seamless, two way integration between your CRM and Cloud Accounting package.

Remove Double Entry in Xero & SugarCRM

Incorporate Accounting Events into your CRM Workflow

Shouldn't be starting a project until a deposit invoice has been saved? Drive business workflow off the payment of an invoice, and increase the efficiency of your bookkeeper or accounts person by reducing the noise that they need to deal with on a day to day basis.

Drive CRM Workflow from Xero

Improve Financial KPIs

Our cloud accounting connector allows you to define business rules that define how invoices and line items are tagged and ultimately how they appear in your financial reports. Do you need to be able to generate accurate reports of generated revenue by sales rep in order to pay accurate commissions? Or how about reporting accurately on the profitability of each business unit within the organisation? Our accounting connector allows you to effectively achieve these outcomes.

Improve Financial KPI Reporting in Xero & SugarCRM

Integration with Xero, Saasu and MYOB Live

We integrate with all of the major cloud accounting packages within Australia and are working on adding more.

Xero, MYOB & Saasu Integration

Every version of SugarCRM Supported..out of the box

Whether it's on demand, on premise, or partner hosted, we support it. Version 6.5+ or Version 7.x, we support it.

All Versions of SugarCRM Supported

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