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CRM Online is a leading developer of document automation and eSigning solutions, having created the award winning Flexidocs platform. CRM Online leverages this platform to help customers move from time consuming, paper-based processes, to a streamlined, paperless office environment.

How can Document Automation Help?

Many organisations have time consuming, paper-based processes. If you think about the simple process of a customer on-boarding process for a services organisation, best practice typically involves having an agreement signed between the customer and organisation that defines the type of engagement, rates, and legal aspects of the engagement (limitations of liability, processes for disputes etc). Even in a somewhat electronic process, the best case scenario is that this would involve:

This sort of process has a number of potential issues, including:

CRM Online specialises in providing systems that turn this process into a single click, with template-based documents that automatically extract data from the CRM, and allow the customer to sign electronically on their computer or tablet, and even captures the final signed contract back into the CRM in near real time. This solves each and every potential issue with the existing process, and is a much improved and more efficient experience for the new customer.

Simplify your Document Workflow

Is Document Automation applicable anywhere else?

Anywhere that your business has paper-based processes, document automation can be applied. Some examples of processes that CRM Online has helped automate include:

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