The most flexible, configurable CRM platform on the market

SugarCRM provides arguably one of the most flexible, extendable CRM platforms on the market today, with a commercially supported, open-source platform designed to be extended and personalised to help organisations solve their key business problems.

Recognized by leading market analysts as a CRM visionary and innovator, Sugar is deployed by more than 1.5M individuals in over 120 countries and 26 languages.

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SugarCRM as a Flexible Platform

Designed for Integration

Many CRM platforms claim to be able to provide a 360 degree view of your customer, but this is often limited to just the communications and marketing aspects of that relationship. Most organisations have other business systems that contribute to the understanding of the customer (an accounting system is a common example), and it can be critical to have this information available within the CRM to help with customer profiling and supporting an exceptional customer experience.

By having this data in the CRM, it also empowers management to report and analyze this data, and for customer facing users, they have the customer information they need at their finger tips.

The ease of integrating your ERP, Accounting and other third party applications is a strong point in SugarCRM's arsenal, with a framework that allows for more flexibility when it comes to displaying this data.

SugarCRM will also provide access to the SugarCRM API in all versions, allowing you to leverage this for your integration requirements. Unlike other platforms, unlimited API usage is provided at no additional cost and with no artificial limitations on integration.

SugarCRM: Designed for Integration


SugarCRM has been awarded the title of Most Innovative CRM Platform on more than one occasion for good reason. SugarCRM completely redesigned their user experience in 2013, and launched SugarUX, an entirely new user experience that focuses on creating a clean, intuitive user experience, built on modern, responsive browser-based frameworks. This new framework has now been in the marketplace for 3 years, and a comprehensive app store has grown around this UI framework.

By focusing user experience, SugarCRM has shaped an environment that is clutter-free, well-laid out, and centred around ensuring the customer is at the heart of the CRM.

SugarCRM is Recognised as a Leading Innovator in CRM

Flexibility of Deployment

Depending on your industry and organisation, the choice of deployment can be an important factor within your CRM selection. In particular, in industries where customer data is subject to regulatory requirements such as banking and security industries, the choice to deploy on public cloud, private cloud, or on premise, allows you to ensure that you'll be able to get the benefits of a leading CRM while still complying with your regulatory requirements.

In addition, the choice of deployment can often significantly simplify options for integration with other core business systems.

There is also no difference in the version of SugarCRM deployed on-premise, it's still the cutting edge platform it is in the cloud. SugarCRM also provides the option to host with SugarCRM via their OnDemand offering which is inclusive of the licensing cost you pay. Alternatively, SugarCRM Partners also tend to provide turn-key hosting and support options, via Amazon AWS and a number of other cloud hosting options.

SugarCRM Offers Flexibility of Deployment


SugarCRM is broken down into three versions:

Each of these platforms offers an advanced set of features, with the same platform available whether deployed onsite or on cloud, and predictable pricing for each of these.

Unlike other platforms, there are no unforeseen costs for API or integration, providing a predictable pricing model for your organisation.

SugarCRM Offers Value for Money

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