Salesforce is the #1 Cloud CRM Company, Recognized as a Leader by Gartner

When you're selecting a CRM system, choosing a flexible, robust platform that is able to evolve with your organisation is important. is recognised as the leader in customer relationship management by Gartner, and has been for many years.

So, why is recognised as a leader in CRM? offers a complete platform that incorporates sales, customer service, marketing automation, business intelligence and internet of things. This is largely driven by acquisitions of the best and brightest innovative technology companies on the market. In terms of what that means for you as a customer, it means you will always have access to the leading platforms first, an edge that can give you an advantage in over your competitors. is a Recognised Leader According to Gartner App Store Ecosystem

The Best App Eco-system

Looking to solve a problem? Chances are - there's an app for that. With the world's largest CRM App store, the Salesforce AppExchange is home to both paid and free apps that solve unique business challenges from scheduling to CPQ and many more. Leveraging an off-the-shelf solution means using a product that has in many instances, been tried, tested and updated over time to ensure it is up to the standard.

Leading B2B & B2B Marketing Automation

Leading B2B & B2C Marketing Automation

Nurturing your customers and intimately understanding how they interact with your organisation is a valuable insight to have. Salesforce provides a number of options around Marketing Automation, whether this be Marketing Cloud, Pardot, or a third party integrated solution - there is a solution for every requirement.

One of the areas where Salesforce leads the pack, is in providing options around well-integrated marketing, where segmentation is achieved by querying your CRM data in real-time, and where engagement feeds directly back into the CRM to trigger actions like followup tasks, so your sales staff know when to reach out and phrase a relevant conversation.

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