Fieldmagic is an industry leading field services platform designed from the ground up with fire services, electrical, plumbing and HVAC in mind. We've optimized the workflow to ensure that your business runs as efficiently as possible, and you maximize your resources while reducing your overheads.

The platform comes with an open API that enables integration with Xero and MYOB, SAP, JDE and other leading ERP platforms and any other business systems you may have.

Job Management

Fieldmagic offers a complete platform to manage your field service jobs. The platform supports 3 different times of jobs:

Each of these job types has their own workflows enabled within the system, and are configured to provide insights around service and financial performance at a technician, client and organisation level.

Technician Job Management

Maintenance & Scheduling

Fieldmagic offers a complete platform to manage your maintenance with a streamlined workflow from sales to administration to job completion. Once a client comes on board, it's important that you're able to execute on your agreed maintenance schedule in an efficient manner that drives savings within your business, and provides an exceptional experience for your customer.

Fieldmagic is designed to empower you to do just that.

Maintenance & Scheduling

Workforce Mobility

The Fieldmagic Mobile app provides access to all job related information, so your Field Technicians are never left wanting for an app to do the jobs they have at hand. We have included a number of powerful features within the platform, in an intuitive and easy to use interface that is incredibly rewarding to use.

In addition, the app provides real time GPS tracking of your technicians, allowing you to see where each technician is at any time, and allowing you to more efficiently allocate and schedule jobs.

Sales and Activity Management

Since Fieldmagic has built in CRM tools for Customer, Quote and Activity management, we provide ultimately more capability compared to traditional job management software.

We've tailored the quoting engine to be optimised for the Field Services industry, supporting quoting for maintenance, minor works jobs and major projects with multiple contractors.

Building and keeping track of your open quotes is an easy task with Fieldmagic's intuitive quoting engine. We provide contextual quote information right where you need it, and instantly available against your Sites and Companies.

Naturally, this all feeds directly into our reporting and dashboards to provide visual pipeline reporting.

Sales & Marketing

Billing & Finance

Generate invoices directly out of your CRM while instantly synchronising client details and invoice details into your accounting package for reconciliation. The job management system flows seamlessly into the invoicing engine, which then synchronises into your accounting platform of choice.

Billing & Finance

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