Sales Methodlogy for SugarCRM

What is RSVPselling?

In business to business (B2B) selling there are four areas that must be addressed to win business. We need relationships with the right people and strategy to manage the political and economic power-base; we also need to uniquely create compelling business value and then align with the customer’s evaluation, selection and procurement processes. This is exactly what the world- renowned RSVPselling methodology does and it’s delivered hundreds of millions of dollars in business across many industries.

CRM Online has partnered with the creator of this methodology, Tony Hughes, who is also an acclaimed author, speaker and sales leadership coach.

“The holy grail of sales enablement is to use the right methodology to drive repeatable quality processes inside CRM as a transparent coaching platform. Playbook concepts belong inside CRM to intuitively guide sales people in how to ask the right questions and create progression as they build trust and establish value. I’m excited to be working with CRM Online to deliver a coaching platform with transparently accurate information about the real status of opportunities in the forecast.“

Tony J Hughes

The RSVPselling methodology is now seamlessly available for SugarCRM to transform the way people sell. The methodology and user interface is intuitive and creates insight without excessive overhead. It also provides an efficient and effective framework for strategy and execution as you simply keep asking questions in the four RSVP areas to create clarity and focus on what’s important in winning business. 

Qualification Tool

Do you have the right relationships and strategy? Are you creating best comparative value and do you truly understand their evaluation process? RSVPselling provides progressive qualification snapshots to uncover and address weaknesses so that the right actions are taken to strengthen your position and increase the probability of success.

The Qualification Tool provides a scoring mechanism that highlights areas of weakness and allows users to create action items to address those weaknesses. Action items are created as tasks within the CRM that are then assigned to the person responsible, feeding back into the user’s standard workflow.

Qualifying Opportunities with Methodology

Sales Playbook

When your team is involved in complex B2B selling environments, it can often be difficult for new sales reps to know the right sort of discovery questions to ask that help identify the unique value of your solution. The sales playbook allows you to create a library of the right questions, based on the business role of the contact or product line, that will prompt the sales rep to ask the right questions. 

Sales Playbook within SugarCRM

Each question has a library of common issues discovered by those questions, our solutions and examples of the business impact of those solutions, allowing your sales reps to articulate your unique value in the right way. 

Sales Methodology Playbook

Finally, our sales playbook allows sales reps to select from a library of email templates, each with optional documents that support the business discussion being had.

The result is a more effective, value focused sales team that communicates with prospects using terminology that aligns with your business outcomes.

Organisational Chart

RSVPselling provides users with a drag and drop visual tool for setting and managing the organisational structure within the prospect’s organisation. This helps everyone that is collaborating on the opportunity to understand the social structure within the organisation. In addition, this tool allows users the ability for each contact to:

Organisational Chart Drag and Drop Wizard

Influence Map

While the org chart provides a view of the social organizational structure, not every person in an organisation will be involved in every opportunity. Each opportunity will have it’s own key decision makers and influencers that form the power base for that opportunity. The influence map allows us to:

​By mapping out the influencers in a company, the Influence Map makes it easier for your sales staff to understand who the key decision makers in the company are and, therefore, who it is important to keep in contact with to increase their likelihood of closing the sale. ​

Mapping the Social Influence for an Opportunity

Close Planner

We’ve all been in that situation where a client has identified that they need a system in place and live by a certain date, but keep dragging their feet on signing off on the contract. The close planner allows us to map out all of the actions that need to occur for us as a supplier to deliver by a given date, including those actions required by the prospective customer, including:

The close planner tool allows us to create a collaborative project plan that can be shared with the client, and used to ensure that the project remains on schedule, including throughout the sales cycle.

Project Planner within SugarCRM

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