Leveraging the Power of your Internal Networks

TrustSphere leverages the power of your internal network to provide email communication analytics around frequency of communication with your accounts and stakeholders, and providing a means to identify areas where there has been a lack of communication with your customers based on actual email activity. 

The Power of Relationship Analytics

How does TrustSphere work?

TrustSphere works by automatically analysing all of your organisation-wide in-coming and out-going email to customers and stakeholders. The platform uses a proprietary algorithm originally designed for the banking industry to score the strength of a relationship with a customer, based on the frequency of contact and last contact date. TrustSphere will do this automatically, and provide these relationship analytics within either Salesforce or SugarCRM. 

Key Benefits of using TrustSphere

By automatically capturing email conversation analytics within your CRM, TrustSphere can be used to:

Seamlessly Integrated with SugarCRM & Salesforce

Integrated with your Favourite CRM Platforms

TrustSphere offers out of the box integration with two of your favourite CRM platforms in SugarCRM and Salesforce.com. This allows you to leverage your relationship data alongside your customer data. 

TrustSphere really does take a traditional CRM and make it a powerful tool for staff and management to understand their customers.

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