Real time synchronisation of leads, contacts, calendar and tasks

Get your leads in your mobile phone within seconds of capturing leads or contacts in your CRM. Imagine assigning a lead to your sales rep on the road and having the lead's full details appear in your sales reps phone before they even get the email notification. Or, running late for a meeting and need to make a call in the car? Just select Sync to Google and the contact will be in your phone before you get out the door.​

Google apps synchronisation of leads, contacts, calendar and tasks

Easily Capture Meeting Notes back into the CRM

We may all use our Google Calendar for setting appointments, but the key is in capturing that information back into the CRM along with notes from the meeting once you get back to the office. Intellisync offers a powerful import wizard for capturing meeting and task notes once you connect with your client.

Import Contacts & Meetings

Every version of SugarCRM Supported..out of the box

Whether it's on demand, on premise, or partner hosted, we support it. Version 6.5+ or Version 7.x, we support it.

Every version of SugarCRM Supported

Single Click Deployment to 10 or 10,000 users

We're the only solution for SugarCRM that will scale. No more delayed synchronisation that falls over when you hit more than 20 users. No more installation of browser plugins for each and every client.

Single Click Deployment

The Most Configurable Platform on the market

Most businesses have at least some variation on the standard lead, opportunity, contacts and companies model that other integrations assume your organisation fits. Intellisync lets you customise your solution to fit your business - custom labels, custom modules, custom fields. Out of the box. For free.

Drag & Drop Configuration

Quick Contextual Links to access your leads, contacts, targets and clients directly from GMail

Why should you have to separately search in your CRM for information related to the person you're emailing right now? Intellisync intelligently suggests matching leads, targets, contacts and companies directly within each email, so you're just one click away from the information you're after.

Autocomplete of related records

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