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T&S Roofing Systems SugarCRM Case Study

by CRM Online Media, on Aug 09, 2019

T&S Roofing Systems SugarCRM Case Study

About T&S Roofing

T&S Roofing Systems is a residential and commercial roofing contractor, providing roof repairs and replacements.

Now in business for 15 years, T&S Roofing has become Miami's residential roofing leader by making the customer experience the focus, delivering next-level customer service and delivering on promises.

CRM Change Agent - Rafael Gonzalez

Rafael Gonzalez, Sales Director of T&S, has been with the company since 2014. As the company grew over the years, Rafael took on the role of managing business processes to ensure operational efficiency and common procedures across the business' growing staff.

“Customers appreciate the fact that we are using technology to be more efficient.“

Rafael Gonzalez


T&S Roofing undertook a very manual process of capturing roofing metrics for customers on paper, in order to build out a set of roofing options for customers to consider. All jobs prior to the CRM were managed on a single Google spreadsheet which was slowly becoming unmaintainable.

In order to calculate the associated costs of the various roofing options, sales consultants needed to manually calculate the materials required for each particular section of the roof. As various roofing options would use different material types, consultants would need to prepare multiple quotes for customers. This process was often time consuming, prone to human error, and resulted in longer turn-around period for quotes.

As the business started to grow and take on a higher volume of clients, it became crucial to put in place an easy to use solution, that streamlined the quoting process.

The Solution

CRM Online worked closely with T&S Roofing to understand the entire on-site quoting and customer experience, from roof metric capture, to the design of the quote documents for customers. The CRM system in place, SugarCRM, provided a flexible base platform on which this process could be designed and tailored.


Managing a Complex Quoting Process

In order to drive an efficient configure-price-quote (CPQ) process, the system needed to automate a number of calculations that prior had to be managed manually.The concept of a 'Configure-Price-Quote' scenario took shape. This included, automatically calculating the required material and labour needed for jobs, based on both the size of a customers roof, unique requirements, and the material choice they required.

Being able to quickly tailor quotes in front of customers, meant better transparency of the process, and much quicker turn-around time to present multiple options to customers on the fly.

“We've been able to quote a job in a fraction of the time, and be able to have 10x as much detail as before. Before, it would take us 30 mins to an hour to quote one job with limited options, but now, it takes us 5 to 10 mins to quote a job with more options. “

Rafael Gonzalez

Generation of Customer Documentation

CRM Online leveraged the Flexidocs platform, a cloud-based document automation solution for SugarCRM designed to allow T&S Roofing to merge in CRM record data, and related data, into Microsoft Word document templates. This introduced a wealth of formatting possibilities, where we could explore the full creative set of tools available in Word to design various documents.

This included designing templates for:

  • Quotes
  • Purchase Orders


Flexidocs provided an automated way of quickly generating documents and ensured that manual re-entry was completely eliminated from the process of issuing documentation.

Clear, Consistent Processes.

Staff now all follow a set, consistent quoting process, eliminating double entry and allowing the team to collaboratively work on jobs to seamlessly hand over from sales to installation.

Delivering a Better Customer Experience.

Rafael comments that CPQ solution has radically changed the way sales reps interact with customers.T&S Roofing wanted to move away from the perception of a "sale" and create a buying experience with their customers.

“We encourage our sales team to use the system in front of the customer, together with the customer. It's changed the focus of the sales rep. No longer is price discretion a factor, as the system outputs the estimates which adds accountability and clarity. The sales person has removed themselves from selling, and is now buying with the customer. “

Rafael Gonzalez

Customer Experience

Why SugarCRM?

"SugarCRM provided a flexible architecture which could be expanded and built upon to support our business processes. We've been able to automate a number of areas. We plan to use the Sugar Advanced Workflow Module next to continue automating a number of our workflows."

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