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SugarCRM's Acquisition of Salesfusion Marketing Automation And What it Means For You

by CRM Online Media, on Jun 14, 2019

SugarCRM's Acquisition of Salesfusion Marketing Automation And What it Means For You

Introduction to Marketing Automation Software. What is it?

Marketing automation software provides a centralised means of automating both your inbound and outbound communications channels in order to drive increased engagement with your brand, products and services. It replaces manual and repetitive marketing processes (emails, social media, certain Website actions) with purpose-built software and applications geared toward performance and central campaign reporting.

Salesfusion Allows You to Drive More Effective Digital Marketing

As a Marketing Manager, you know your stuff, and you know it well. You are a pro at creating content, managing budget, and ensuring everything runs smoothly all while juggling way too many balls in the air. The trouble is, for a lot of us, we simply have no means of measuring our efforts, from campaign through to realised revenue. Your sales team might still be sending brochures, and not really understanding how your customers are engaging with the information they receive. This is where Salesfusion steps in, and makes marketing a whole lot more powerful.

Here are a few of the many ways Salesfusion is helping customers gain better outcomes.

Central Management of Your Inbound Strategy

Salesfusion’s suite of social, search and SEO tools helps bring visitors to your site and uncovers who those visitors are. Whether you are focused on social media marketing, paid search advertising, or SEO to attract new visitors, you can do it from the comfort of a single platform.

Salesfusion tracks inbound marketing engagement activity across channels and captures conversions. All of this data helps you understand your most impactful marketing tactics, influential campaigns and engaging content

Powerful, Easy to Use Campaign Building Tools

One of the many great things we love is the ease of which Marketing can quickly build polished, professional emails, using simple drag-and-drop tools to drop in your content. The very last thing you want is a clunky tool, with too many steps, and Salesfusion certainly avoid this by delivering a streamlined building process.

With email personalisation tags to set your subject lines, and include Account, Contact and Lead information into your emails, Salesfusion also allows you to quickly define more humanised emails.

Email Template Builder

Send Customers on a Personalised Journey

Salesfusion's nurturing allows you to turn prospects into customers by engaging them at each stage of the buying cycle as it relates to them, with relevant messages based on their interaction with your content.

Knowing the right point in time to re-introduce sales into the process is sometimes a challenge, which is why lead scoring allows you to rank each interaction a prospect or customer has with your content, website, or social posts, and resurface them at the right stage to sales on a dashboard.

Salesfusion Journey Builder for Marketing

Empower Your Sales Team in SugarCRM

Every interaction your customers and prospects have with your content is easily accessible to your Sales Team directly from within SugarCRM, including a timeline of events and actions undertaken. Not only can your team now see how their customers and prospects are interacting, but Salesfusion will also allow Marketing to share useful content packs for your sales team to use to send additional content, or even inject them into ad-hoc journeys for more specific pitches and solutions!

Salesfusion and SugarCRM Drive Better Sales Insights

Easily Measure Marketing Success

Not knowing real-time insights into how your marketing budget is seeing impact means not being able to understand what is working right now, and what might not be. Salesfusion allows you to quickly see which of your campaigns are creating actual revenue ie Opportunities Created in SugarCRM. This tight integration means greater decision making power for marketing.

Marketing Attribution Reporting

The only thing that's left to do, is to huddle up, and start more effectively building extraordinary relationships with customers!

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