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New Premium AWS Hosting Option for SugarCRM

by CRM Online Media, on May 28, 2019

New Premium AWS Hosting Option for SugarCRM

Having implemented more than 200 CRM solutions for our clients, we know a thing or two about speed, performance, and having the right architecture in place to deliver a seamless CRM user experience. Sugar delivers the flexibility, agility, and simplicity to deliver real business value, which is why Sugar is used by 2M+ users globally, across 120+ countries. Customers can run Sugar in a multitude of places -- fully hosted and managed by SugarCRM, by a partner such as CRM Online on AWS, or deployed on a public cloud offering, or even on-premise.

CRM Online's new premium partner hosted offering delivers a number of key benefits to customers choosing a partner-hosted model, which we will outline below.

SugarCRM Partner Hosting on AWS

Key Benefits of CRM Online Premium Hosting

Our new premium offering on AWS Sydney provides a number of key benefits:

  • Extended data back-up with a lengthy 1-year data retention timeframe of each daily snapshot of your data. All data is fully encrypted at REST by default for security.
  • High performance elastic search improving CRM global search speed.
  • High performance autoscaling of server resources to handle higher workloads during peak times. What this means is a good user experience regardless of how busy your CRM is working to manage everything.

SugarCRM Partner Hosting on AWS

While our new Premium AWS Hosting option provides a turn-key, optimised data hosting solution for our customers, we believe truly partnering with customers to provide on-going strategic support is key. For this reason, our customers on premium hosting will also have a choice of SugarCRM Premium Support options which include live chat, web conferencing, and ticketed support covering technical troubleshooting as well as a CRM development allowance per month.

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