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Document Automation in SugarCRM with Flexidocs

by CRM Online Media, on Jun 14, 2019

Document Automation in SugarCRM with Flexidocs

Challenges with Document Automation in SugarCRM

SugarCRM empowers you to build extraordinary relationships with your customers, track your sales, billing and customer support processes, as well as automate internal workflow processes with it's powerful BPM engine. However, when it comes to generating polished documents that match your brand and style, the in-built Sugar PDF Manager is limited in terms of the formatting flexibility and what data from within Sugar can be included in PDF generated documents.

How does Flexidocs Solve This?

Flexidocs is a cloud-based document automation solution for SugarCRM designed to allow you to merge your SugarCRM record data, and related data, into your own Microsoft Word document templates. This introduces a wealth of formatting possibilities, where you can explore the full creative set of tools available in Word to design your documents.

This might include examples such as branded quotes, statements, letters, contracts, and any useful document where data needs to be merged in from your existing Sugar records.

Document Automation for SugarCRM

How Does it Work?

Within SugarCRM, Flexidocs provides a library of the fields that make up your Sugar record, as well as any record directly related to your Sugar record.

Each of these fields in the library contain a unique merge-tag which can be included into your Word Template. To build templates, this provides a simple click-to-copy, then paste into your Word Template

Document Automation for SugarCRM

Managing Document Templates and Versions

Once you have built your document templates, these are stored in Flexidocs' Cloud Console. This provides a central place to store all your templates, as well as revert to earlier versions of your templates as well.

Document Automation for SugarCRM

Control Output Format

For each of your document templates in Flexidocs, you can also set the format of the document as either PDF or Word, and restrict or allow the document to be emailed directly out of Sugar. Great for restricting or allowing after-edits to documents!

Document Automation for SugarCRM

Send Documents for Electronic Signing

Electronic signing is a great way to reduce the turn around time on sending and received documents that need to be legally signed. Flexidocs supports all three of the major electronic signing platforms: HelloSign, DocuSign and EchoSign.

Your eSigning plan will need to be an API plan from your Electronic Signing provider, so it's important to check you have this in place.

Trial Flexidocs for Your Business

Interested and looking to trial Flexidocs? Sign-up for a free-trial here and get in touch with our team for any questions and set-up assistance.

Document Automation for SugarCRM

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