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RSVPselling recognised as ABA100 Winner in 2016 for Product Innovation

by CRM Online Media, on Aug 17, 2016

RSVPselling recognised as ABA100 Winner in 2016 for Product Innovation

RSVPselling for SugarCRM has been recognised as an ABA100 Winner for the category of Product Innovation in The Australia Business Awards 2016. Now in it's eleventh year, the ABA awards aim to identify Australia’s business, innovation and technology leaders via a set of established award categories. 

“RSVPselling is the first enterprise sales methodology for SugarCRM, and arguably one of the strongest implementations of an enterprise sales methodology for any CRM. CRM Online and Tony Hughes, the creator of the original methodology more than 10 years ago, appreciate the recognition of the RSVPselling methodology in the product innovation category from the Australian Business Awards, a program that offers a great program that recognises innovation in Australian businesses.“

Glenn Richmond, CEO

About RSVPselling

RSVPselling utilises the use of a sales playbook, influence map, organisational chart, qualification tool, close planner and account planner to enhance the selling techniques and depth of knowledge for sales teams focusing on B2B sales. By providing transparency and helping to identify opportunities that are at risk, the RSVPselling module uses the power of a proven sales methodology, along with the data of a CRM to provide a 360-degree view solution. This improves the methods and conversion rates of sales teams in a variety of different industries. The benefits of using the RSVPselling platform are transparency, forecast accuracy, increased conversion rates, improved collaboration and that it identifies opportunities at risk. It also allows users to easily share current opportunity plans and transforms CRM into a coaching platform.

CRM Online has also been working in conjunction with TrustSphere—a relationship analytics platform—to integrate TrustView with the RSVPselling module, providing the opportunity to identify key contacts and decision makers that are absent from within a user’s organisational chart within RSVPselling.

To learn more about RSVPselling, please visit RSVPselling Overview

To view the award announcement, please visit The Australian Business Awards

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