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Announcing PowerBI Connector for SugarCRM

by CRM Online Media, on Nov 22, 2016

Announcing PowerBI Connector for SugarCRM

If you've been following developments in business cloud technology over the past 12 months, you'll have likely heard of Microsoft PowerBI. We were lucky to be there at the launch of PowerBI at Dreamforce in 2015, and it's come a long way since it's original launch. So, what is PowerBI?

Put simply, it's the first serious business intelligence or analytics platform for the masses. It allows you to take your data from your various business systems - your CRM, accounting, help desk, ERP or even Microsoft Excel, and create visualisations of that data to make it meaningful and support decision making within your business. We say it's for the masses because, unlike other platforms, it offers:

  • An incredibly affordable FREE entry point. This comes with all kinds of limitations of course, primarily around the volume of data that you can analyse (limited to 10,000 rows) and the rate of updates of that data (limited to once per day).
  • It's user friendly - it still helps to know what you're doing when it comes to data analytics, but a strong backing in database or even Excel will put you in good stead.
  • It's highly interactive. Do you need to click on a section of a pie chart and see the list of opportunities that make up that data? It's easy with PowerBI.

Now, there are plenty of leading cloud BI platforms out there that offer similar functionality, and arguably superior functionality (Tableau is known as a leader in this space, for example). However, at US$500 per user per year, it's gets expensive quickly for large organisations.

If you're interested in the connector, our full product page is shown here - just get in touch if you have any queries.

What's Next?

Our team are currently expanding the functionality of the connector to include a single click content pack for PowerBI, which will allow users to not only connect their PowerBI to SugarCRM, but also get a list of out of the box reports and dashboards instantly. We'll be announcing this in the near future, so keep an eye out!

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